Listen To The New Mad Jam, One By One By YDA

I remember when I was younger and my mom used to play Tracy Chapman’s album every Sunday while we cleaned the house. I knew every word to every song and used to to sing along. I didn’t realize that I could sing until I sung in front my classmates in high school. People liked it so I kept singing.

I didn’t start recording songs until I was a Junior in high school. I used to write parodies (funny remix to popular songs). Then I started recording actual remixes and originals.

I didn’t take music seriously until college when I released a song called ‘It’s on me,’ people in my school loved the song and I was surprised to see how much love I got from it. I sang r&b for a while but slowly transitioned to Afrobeat in 2017 by singing mashups to hit songs like ‘Mad Over You,’ ‘Pana,’ and ‘IF.’

I received a lot views and supporters (fans), which was new to me at the time. So I decided to write my own Afrobeat songs and that is what I did.

I released my first Afrobeat song, ‘Blessing’ in December 2017 and promoted it as much as I could. It had nothing but good reviews which made me happy knowing that I had to ability to make a good Afrobeat song.

I put a little R&B in it because I love R&B. All of my songs are R&B influenced. Now I have another record out called ‘One by One.’


I will keep making Afrobeat and also R&B/soul music and other genre. I am a pretty versatile artist and I like it that way.

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