Hushpuppi parties with Peter Okoye, washes legs with champagne

If Hushpuppi is not shopping at a designer store, he is always seen partying.

Nigerian Instagram millionaire Hushpuppi recently partied with Peter Okoye in Dubai.

The self-acclaimed billionaire Gucci master was at a beach in Dubai where Mr P as Peter Okoye is now known performed to the admiration of people.

The Gucci kingpin continues to show off his expensive lifestyle in a video that has gone viral where he was seen washing his legs with one of the expensive wine he bought at the party.

The receipt of one of his purchases read N4.5million and he claimed he had spent almost N20million at a stretch.

Meanwhile, reported that
Mr P met with Piddy while in a club in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the American singer who was elated to meet with Peter Okoyepromised to come on an African tour soon.

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